Welcome to Mario Herzog’S AtelieR at lake Blaguš



25 years we have been creating and producing unique products. 

Our shoes are made with the method ‘frame sewing’ (so called Goodyear method), which is the most complicated way to be made. We are craftsmen, that trust tradition – which is always improved and upgraded. 

We believe that every generation is obligated to make something new, but all the novelities certainly cannot be done without the respect to those that came before us.


Even though that we have been focusing on shoemaking for more that two decades, there are new leather products coming to our collection. What they have in common, precise production, high quality materials and being handmade.

Shoes, Belts, Luxury aprons for grilling, Handbags, Wallets


All products are custom made – we coordinate the ordered piece with your desires and start to manufacture it upon final confirmation. All products are made by Slovenian craftsmen. Shoemaking custom made shoes in our workshop is a process that starts with a shoe print; it is followed by making the hoof and a test pair of shoes. Only after the inicial fittings we begin to sew the original pair of shoes. The whole process from the first visit to getting the original pair takes around 8-12 weeks. Meeting in person is necessary. When we have the hoofs completed, we archive them and use them in case of reorder. Approximate price of the shoes (price included wooden tensioners, creams for shoe care and 2 pairs of laces) is 2.000 eur with tax. All the other products are only custom made – for inspiration please contact the email address info@marioherzog.com

Shoemaker’s studio is a place where love of nature and love of shoes are combined. A place where products are made by the qualified hands that are later sent to their new owners. By the forest in the vicinity of lake Blaguš, there is a studio, which stands on 320 m2. The building is made within the philosophy of our shoemaking: sustainable and traditional. 

Our clients can take advantage of the Forest glamping resort Blaguš, the tourism complex that shares our space by the lake. On the other hand, we can offer the guests, that visit the glamping houses, something different: a guided tour of the workshop.

Mario Herzog,

Blaguško jezero, Brezje 9
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